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Real Research Survey App – Earn Free TNC

Hello friends, How are you? I hope you are doing well and Earning Free Paytm Cash from Indiangamers website. I am back with one more money-earning Survey App by using it anyone can easily earn free Paytm cash. In this article, I will tell you all about Real Research Survey App. So let’s get started.

What is a Real Research Survey App?

Real Research is a secure environment that aims to cater to the research and marketing needs of every business. By leveraging the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, Real Research offers a highly secure, efficient, and reliable ecosystem.

Real Research Survey App Refer and Earn

Real Research often conducts a survey on their App and Rewards the user with TNC. Now you have a question on your mind that What is TNC?

TNC Coin is the official digital currency of TNC. It serves as an integral part of all the transactions and processes within the TNC ecosystem. The ecosystem is expected to grow relentlessly due to gaming developments on the TNC mainnet. As the leading digital currency, TNC Coin has a primary purpose. It will be utilized in an open-source network where gaming developers can fork and create TNC-20 standard gaming tokens through building gaming programs on TNC mainnet.

How to Eran Money with Real Research Survey App?

  • First of all Download the » Real Research Survey App « and Install it.
  • After Installing open the app and click on the SIGN-UP button.
  • In the next step enter your Email address and Password and click on submit.
  • Now go to your mailbox and copy the verification code and verify your Email account with the 6 Digit verification code.
  • In the next step select your country and enter your Mobile Number(Use Mobile Number which is in mobile phone)
  • Enter the verification code and your registration will be successful. Now go to Login Page and login using your Email and Password.
  • Next click on Create Wallet after logging in it. create/Enter 6 Digit Password(Must Remember this password as you need this password each time when you transfer TNC)
  • Now fill up your basic details like Gender, Relationship Status, DOB, Nationality, Resident Country, and City.
  • Now one popup appears for KYC Level 2 (Here KYC means simple questions, you don’t need any document) click on proceed and also fill it up. Here I Recommend you to complete all the KYC levels. (There is 23 Level KYC in-app when I am writing this blog post, It may increase or decrease in the future) You will get more surveys if you complete more levels of KYC.

Now Your account is Ready and you will get Survey once or twice a week. You can join our Telegram Channel to get an instant update about the new survey. You will be rewarded with a TNC coin for each survey. Generally, they will give 4 to 10 TNC for each survey.

Real Research Survey App also rewards users with 5 TNC for Successful Refer. So you can earn by doing Refer and by Referring apps to Friends.

Now you have one question in your mind that How to convert TNC into Indian Rupees, don’t worry about it. I am explaining it below.

How to convert TNC to INR | How To Withdraw TNC Coin to Bank Account

Follow the below steps to withdraw your TNC token to Bank Account.

  • First of all Download Hotbit App and Install it.
  • Next, open the Hotbit App and click on Fund from the bottom deck and click on Deposit as shown in below pic.Hotbit App TNC to Bank Account
  • After clicking Deposit you will see a search bar at the TOP. Type TNC in the search bar and click on search, and select TNC from the List.
  • Now You will see your QR code with Address and Memo Copy both Address(for Hotbit App it’s hotbitio) and Memo(Memo is different for all).
  • Now, open the Real Research App and go to the wallet section and click on send.
  • Here you have to fill up 3 parameters
    1. Address – which you have copied from Hotbit App
    2. Amount – The Number of TNC you want to transfer from Real Research App to Hotbit Account
    3. Memo -which you have copied from Hotbit App
  • After filling up the details click on send. Note – Real Research app charges 10 TNC for each Transaction.
  • It will take 5 mins to 24 hours to see TNC in your Hotbit wallet. When you see TNC in your Hotbit App click on TNC in fund section.
  • You have two choices either you can convert TNC/BTC or TNC/ETH. Choose TNC/BTC and sell TNC for faster order execution.
  • Now you can convert your BTC or ETH to TRX or USDT. Choose any and Buy USDT or TRX. If you choose USDT then sell USDT and Buy TRX.
  • Once you have TRX in your Hotbit wallet, Download Coinswitch App and get your TRX wallet address from Coinswitch App
    • Coinswitch App » Markets » Search Bar (type TRX or TRON) » Click on TRON » Click on Small QR code » Copy your TRON/TRX address
  • Open Hotbit App » Fund » Withdraw » Search Bar(type TRX and click search) » Click 100% and paste TRX address in withdrawal Address » Click on submit
  • Now get OTP from Mobile Number/ Email Address and Authenticator code(if you bound) and click on Submit.
  • You will Receive TRX in your Coinswitch Wallet within 24 Hours. After Receiving, Sell TRX and withdraw INR from Coinswitch Wallet. You will get your money credited to your Bank account within 15 Minutes. If for any reason it gets not credited, wait for 24 Hours.

I know you have a question in your mind that what is TNC coin price in India and want to know what is the price of 1 TNC. When I am writing this article post TNC value in INR is roughly 6 to 6.8. But You will not get this much value if you convert TNC to Bank Account as there are Charges of transaction and loss of TNC/ETH/BTC/TRX during converting it as there is Huge Price fluctuation in Cryptocurrencies.

I hope you enjoyed this article and are able to convert your TNC to Bank Account. If you want to earn free Crytocurriencies, You can check How to earn free Bitcoin. Happy Earning and see you soon in the next Money Earning Article. Goodbye!


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