Google Task Mate Referral Code [100% Working]

Google Task Mate Referral Code

Google Task Mate Referral Code – Hello friends! I hope you are enjoying Free Paytm Cash Earning Apps. I am back with one more money-earning apps. The Tech giant Google launched Google Task Mate. Google Task Mate is a Survey Based App. You can earn real cash just by completing simple tasks.

Google Task Mate

Task Mate is in beta version. You will see an early access tag with the App.

At this present time user can join Task Mate App only with referral code. Once you join, then you can share this app with other 3 people.

When you want to join the app, You have to put a valid Indian Invitation Referral Code, then after you can register account.

Requirements for Google Task Mate

  1. Android or iOS Mobile device
  2. You should be an Indian
  3. Working Referral Code for Task Mate

How to Earn Money With Google Task Mate App!

As The Name implies, Task Mate is Task App. You will get Account Specific Survey. The Survey will be goes for Review once the survey is filled and submitted. Once Google Task Team Review and Approve the survey, You will get Rewards.

Google Task Mate Task are basically like these:-

  • Take a photo of a nearby restaurant
  • Answer survey questions about you
  • Help translate sentences from English

There is Option to choose your Favorite Task or skip the task. Task can be completed any time from anywhere.

How to Create & Verify Account in Task Mate in Just 1 Minute (Step by Step)

  1. Download the Task Mate App (Beta Version) and ope it after installation.
  2. Choose Your Primary Google Account and click get started.
  3. On the next screen choose your preferred language.
  4. Enter the Invitation/Referral  Code and Continue.
  5. Select the Languages for task(task will be in these languages), then click Done.
  6. Next, Read the Agreement & Click Accept Agreement.
  7. Cheers! Your google task mate app registertion is completed.

Method to Get Google Task Mate Referral Code

Just remember don’t use Invalid or Expired Code in Task Mate App, If you enter Invitation code  wrong fr more than 3 times then your account get Closed or Blocked Temporarily or Permanently.

So before using Referral Code just make sure that Code is working.

This App is still in a Beta Version, So if you join the task mate this time then you will lots of task and earn more money.

#1 Mail Method to get a Task Mate Referral Code 

Mail to Google Task Mate Team and it’s great chance that you will get a Task Mate Referral code.

Follow the below steps to get the Referral Code

  1. First of all Compose an Email
  2. Write an Email and ask for Referral Code
  3. Send the Email to –
  4. Team will send you a valid Referral Code
  5. Make sure you use the Referral Code within 1 Hour

#2 Telegram Method to Get Task Mate Invitation Code 

Many users have shared Task Mate Referral Code in their Telegram Channel. So join Task Mate Related Channel/Group and you may get Working Referral Code.

Steps to get Task Mate Referral Code

  • Join Task Mate related Telegram Channel/Group
  • They publish Referral Code everyday
  • Copy Refer Code and use it in Task Mate App

#3 Twitter Method to Get Google Task Mate Invitation Code 

Many users getting Invitation Code from Google India Official Twitter Handler

Steps to get Task Mate Referral Code

  • Open the Twitter App
  • Search For Google India Twitter Handle and Follow it.
  • Mention them and ask the Task Mate Referral code
  • There is a higher chance that they will give you Task Mate referral code in a reply.

Google Task Mate Refer Code & Invitation Code

The one valid code can be used upto 3 times for 3 different Account. Once the code is used for 3 times then it will not work.

There is a level for Referral Earning. If Your friend join through your Invitation Code then you will get reward if your friend’s friend join Task Mate through your friend’s Code.



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