Instant Paytm Cash Earning Apps in India 2021 – Popular Money Earning Apps and Surveys

Free Paytm Cash Earning Apps – Who doesn’t like to earn Free Paytm cash just by installing some Apps and filling easy Surveys? We all like to earn free Paytm Cash, So we thought to make a post in which You will get Easy and Instant Access to All Money Earning Apps. 

When we search for Earning Apps we have to go through many articles and we waste too much time and still didn’t get all the valid details of Apps. So we decided to make an All In One Earning Apps table. Turn on Desktop Site Mode for the best user experience.

Money Earning Apps / Website / Surveys


Money Earning Apps Sign up Bonus Per Refer Min. Redeem Referral Code Download Link
Real Research Survey App 10 TNC 1 TNC Live
Aladdin 100 TNC 20 TNC   Live
Coin switch 50 Rs. 50 Rs.   Live
Toluna Survey App 1300 Points 500 Points 50000 Points Live
I-Say Survey 100 Points 300 Points 5000 Points Live
99 Acres  150 Rs. Live
Indian Gamers 20 Rs. 6 Rs. 50 Rs. Live
Crick Mania 20 Rs. 6 Rs. 50 Rs. Live
Fin Shorts 20 Rs. 5 Rs. 50 Rs. Live
Octafxtrades 20 Rs. 6 Rs. 50 Rs. Live
FullFormStar 20 Rs. 5 Rs. 50 Rs. Live
Streetbees 83477I Live
Upstox 500 500 481255 Live
Paytm First Games Rs. 10 Rs. 50* Rs. 10 mildar739 Live
Growfitter 6 Rs. 100 Rs. TRICXIJJ Live
PhonePe Refer & Earn up to Rs. 1000 100 Live

How to use Paytm Cash Earning Table?

Here we made a table in which you get all the details about Earning Apps like Sign up bonus, Min. Redeem, Referral Code, Download Link, etc. You can easily access all the Earning App details from this table. If you stuck at any step then you can get the detailed post and all steps just by clicking on App Name in Table. We will update this Table on regular basis and also add All the New App which will come up.

What is Refer and Earn?

Refer and Earn is a marketing tactic that makes use of recommendations and word of mouth to grow a business’s customer base through the networks of its existing customers. The company rewards their existing users for referring their App/Website to others to get new users. 

Does Earning Apps Really give money for Referring?

No one can answer this question with simply yes or no. As many Earning App/ Survey Website give rewards to users like free Paytm cash, free Amazon voucher, Free Flipkart Voucher, Free Cryptocurriencies (Free Bitcoin), Direct Bank Money, etc.

Many Fraud sites (Like Order Grabbing App) are also there which don’t pay anything to the user or pay just in starting to few users and stop the referral reward afterward. So most of the time we don’t recommend this type of Apps and website to our users. 

We made this Earning Apps list after using and verifying the Payment and Reward by ourselves. We will also add more Apps and survey website which really gives money.

Contribute and Get Reward (Paytm cash)

You can also contribute by giving information about Genuine Money Earning Apps, which really give Reward. If you find any Earning Apps, then comment below about it. You can also Message us on WhatsApp to share information about Earning Apps. You will get Rewarded with min. 10 Rs. Paytm Cash and max. up to 100 depending on Earning of Apps & how useful your information for our Telegram Channel User. If you are using Our Referral Link then also comment about it below, we will choose Random comment and Reward user with 10 Rs. Paytm Cash.




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